Our LED strip tape is manufactured with the new generation 2835 chip. This LED chip has a higher efficiency, better heat management and higher CRI value than 3528 LED chips on the market.

  • 2-3 times higher luminescence capable of 90-100 lumen per watt
  • Higher CRI value (colour)
  • The LED chip has direct conductivity, which allows heat dissipation performance to withstand higher current resistance (40-60mA)
  • Less light loss and longer life of the LED chip
  • All our strip tapes are dimmable
  • They are available in 12v or 24v
  • Custom lengths can be made to order

All 5m and 10m rolls are pre-wired with two tails. If the installer needs to cut a length from the roll both lengths have a tail for installation. This minimises waste and saves the installer valuable time.

​5 Year Warranty

Low Brightness 6w/m LED Strip Light

Medium Brightness 10w/m LED Strip Light

Mini Strip DOTLESS Medium Brightness 10w/m LED Strip Light

Dotless Long Run LED Strip Light No Voltage Drop 10w/m COB Medium Brightness

DOTLESS Medium Brightness 12w/m COB LED Strip Light

RGB COB LED Strip Light 14w/m Dotless High Brightness

High Brightness 14w/m RGB LED Strip Light

High Brightness 14w/m RGB+CCT LED Strip Light

High Brightness 14.4w/m LED Strip Light

Ultra High Brightness 24w/m LED Strip Light

DOTLESS Medium Brightness 12w/m NEON Flex (Side View)

Neon Flex (Top View) 12w/m Medium Brightness

RGB Neon Flex (Side View) Dotless High Brightness 16w/m