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Product selection & lighting design:- Expert advice & guidance

Beyond merely functional, well designed lighting is what makes an already great project truly shine.

Whether you work in commercial or residential, lighting is the ultimate finishing touch it can be
used to enhance architectural features; improve amenity, safety and comfort; and create ambience.

In addition to selecting the most appropriate hardware, there are many factors to consider when
choosing your lighting, based on how the space will be used, the features/areas that require
illumination, and whether the lighting is for decoration or tasks. Brightness, colour temperature, and
placement will also contribute to the overall success of your lighting scheme.

At Just Bits we do more than sell great quality LED products. Our specialist lighting technicians can
work with you to plan the perfect lighting schedule for your next project . From product selection to
mapping out installation, we can help you get every detail perfect and deliver a WOW factor
guaranteed to exceed your clients’ expectations.

As experienced electricians ourselves, we also understand that the products you choose have to look
good, be easy to work with, and of a quality that you and your customers can rely on. This is what we
deliver for every product, every specification, every time.

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